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Recently, two young lovers took to the rooftop of a University of Southern California building, disrobed, and made sweet, highly visible love. My goodness! Pass the smelling salts so we can discuss!

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The Daily Trojan quoted a statement released by the president of USC Kappa Sigma acknowledging that the man in the photos was a fraternity member. Timm said inquiries into the incident had been launched and that the fraternity member seen in the photos had been suspended "for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman. The pic was on tfm, but I don't see it now.

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God-forbid you see pictures of naked people on the interweb! Who the hell really cares. Those two need a slap upside the head and a round of shots. Hi everybody from Italy.

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In case you missed it this past week, the story of two people having sex atop a dorm building at USC spread like wildfire across the web, with photos of the rooftop tryst making their way from local LA sites to Perez Hilton and Gawker all the way to the Daily Mail in London. Now, just a week after the story first broke across the web, it gets immortalized in a Taiwanese animation edition :. Raised in California, adopted by Texas.

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Seriously, someone had a high-powered lens and shot this couple in all kinds of positions and disrespecting one of our buildings. In the photosthe guy and girl don't seem to be aware that they're outside. They're not looking around at the view of South Central Los Angeles or the Hollywood sign in the distance or the people walking on campus below.

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Discussion in ' Outpost ' started by legacyAccountMar 29, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Review. Best Microphone for Streaming and Podcasting

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USC's Kappa Sigma: a great fraternity, or the greatest fraternity? This question was aggressively thrust even further into the spotlight with Saturday's viral circulation of a series of jaw-dropping photos of a young couple physically expressing their eternal love in the place where they felt closest to their God: on the roof of a really tall campus academic building. Also, just kidding about the eternal love part! Because, if you somehow forgot, Kappa Sigmato which the strapping young man in these photos is confirmed to be a member of, was the frat responsible for last month's Chicken Soup For The Soul: Date Rape Edition e-mail see 5 that advocated, among other things, referring to women as "targets, not human beings" and remembering that "non-consent and rape are two different things.

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